The Piano Project: Feeling Panicked

Alright. I seem to have fallen behind in my updates, however, I am not behind on humiliating youtube videos of my horrendous playing. In reaction to how terrible my piano playing is, I turned to my guitar for a week to remind myself I have the musical ability in there. Somewhere. Deep. Down. Okay, a bit further down.

There it is.

In reality, perhaps some of the song choices I made were too farfetched to pick up in 6 weeks. So I kicked it down a notch. I chose to ignore the sheet music of my favourite tunes. And decided to just focus on sight reading and getting confident in my ability to read the music. Also- chording. Must master the left hand chording. Particularly changing from c, to g, to d. Or something. I am working on C to G. Still. (Insert cry face emoticon here.)

“See the music. Read the music. Play the music. Be the music.”

And repeat.

I knocked “Happy Birthday” out of the park. And the video knocked my wifi out of the park too apparently.

In time (approximately 2.5 hours), once my videos load, I will excitedly share all of the videos.



The Piano Project: Pitiful Progress

I have not posted on my piano progress mostly because I do not feel like there has been much to post. I have sat down and played “Frere Jacques,” “Happy Birthday,” and some Beethoven. Since getting those basics I have worked on my chording and chord changing as my song is in the C, G, and F chords. My fingers have proved to have a mind of their own. I have realized this project is bigger than I expected. I am keeping my head above water, however. Especially since I have become acquainted with several excellent pianists this past week whom I have pestered every day. I started serving at the Piano bar in Regina which has definitely motivated me to remain focused despite the little progress I feel I have made. I have picked up several pointers such as the similarities between guitar and piano- who knew the fingers I use for chords are always the same across the board?!? Customers may not appreciate hearing my song played by each pianist every night I work BUT it is helping me slowly learn. It definitely is keeping me excited about learning- perhaps I will be added to the performers in a few months. Who am I kidding? These guys are much better than this:

A girl can dream, though.

The Piano Project: Painful Yet Pleasing

I knew immediately after Katia introduced our major learning project, learning to play piano was the only option for me. Not because I already know everything (although my fiancé would tell you I act that way) but because my choice at age twelve to quit piano lessons has forever haunted me. It is now my time to make things right. I am learning this is no easy task faster than I am learning how to play the piano. Thankfully, in typical Canadian fashion, we were gifted terrible long weekend weather and I spent the overcast, miserably cold days watching endless youtube videos and reading several blogs on how to play this magical beast of an instrument. After week one, I can confidently remember that Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. And I almost know where these notes will be. I fell for the “Jasmine, it will be just like riding a bicycle for you; you will pick it up in no time” line a few too many times after verbally committing to this project. I have contemplated falling back on knitting, or cross stitch (given my old age), however, I have sent too many tweets and posted too many Facebook statuses to switch. Because once it is online, it is fact. Right? My game plan? Learn how to read sheet music (again), grasp the basics of the piano keys (again), sit down at a piano and play. I do not own a piano but I have been granted access to Jack Mackenzie Elementary School’s music room. I am also hoping to find a keyboard to have at my home so I have unlimited access to tickle those ivories. After nailing the basics, including classic hits like “Hot Cross Buns,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and “Frere Jacques,” I will begin the intense training to mastering “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” I also can sing (in my world, I am even good at it), and I plan to use my version in my wedding as I walk down that long aisle to say “I Do.” I will continue to learn via blogs I began following on Feedly, as well as YouTube tutorials- I am still in awe with how helpful these videos are. My progress will be documented right here on my blog with video and photographic evidence. At the end of June when our class is complete, I will share my final video of my current progress on my song. Our class will be over before my wedding, however, I will still share the video of the final delivery on October 24, 2015. This past week was the refresher course of reading sheet music, as I previously mentioned. I did not go anywhere without Palmer, Manus & Lethco’s “Adult All-In-One Course: Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course.” This was a great introductory to the piano and I believe starting tomorrow, sitting in front of a piano for round one will be less traumatic thanks to this great book. I also watched so many videos, including this one:

as well as this one:
. YouTube is amazing for tutorials. In fact, I even found this tutorial for the version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” I want to learn for my wedding. 
I am excited to be back in front of the piano; it is my favourite instrument and I believe the ability to play will come in handy as a future educator. Tying this project in with my other huge project- the wedding of the century- also pushes and motivates me to follow through. I am looking forward to sharing this learning journey with you all; I also hope, in the early stages, I give you all a good laugh at least. From one keyboard to the next. Here I go.