Jasmine: In a Concise Blog

I am not great at these blog introductions; I feel awkward desperately staring at a blank page trying to create a cool, hip explanation of who I am.

I am a passionate pre-service teacher; I am excited to begin pre-internship. I absolutely love to learn, and I look forward to this degree, and many more. I am a wife; I am the crazy Aunty every child should have (please see included photo). I am also a crazy dog lady.

I am dedicated to building an anti-oppressive environment. I work alongside several other amazing individuals with the same passion; it is an incredible opportunity that has allowed me to grow immensely as an educator and citizen.

This year my big goal is to work on my confidence; I have a limited amount. I am excellent at self-deprecation and criticism; I want to balance that with positive thoughts and beliefs. It has to begin with accepting it is okay to say I am really good at something, rather than feel guilty for feeling that way.

I also need to work on finding balance amidst the storm. I am a yes person and that can wear a person out. I need to force myself to make time for my family, friends and self. I am a “workaholic” and I know the best time to learn new habits of creating balance is right now while I am in school.

Finally, it is important that I become strong at lesson planning; more specifically, I want to be strong at differentiating, adapting, and consistently creating lesson plans that are fully inclusive for the diverse classrooms I will teach in.

I am truly excited to learn alongside fabulous colleagues in the classroom; we have already had a great two years together, and I look forward to experiencing the best year yet!

14199672_10157277660840567_6453607990882522656_n                                                      (Aunty Jazzy, in her favourite place.)


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