Feedly Finds: Spreading Awareness

It is no secret my passion is working with individuals with special needs. For 15 years, I have worked alongside some of the most amazing individuals; the past three years, I have dedicated my self to working, learning, and spreading autism awareness. Looking at my Feedly account, it is clear working with these students is exactly how I want to spend my teaching career.

This weekend I read two outstanding blogs about other individuals dedicated to spreading this same awareness,

The first article shared the story of a young student with autism who spent the month of April educating his fellow peers who bullied him about why he is different. He believed “they say weird things to me ’cause they don’t know what autism is.” He shared facts every day during announcements to educate everyone in his school. The result? He won the Everyday MVP Award” in his community and local news station.

This is so important to me because not only is this autistic child stepping up socially to stand up and make others aware of why he is how he is, but the community also realized the importance of his message and spread his message beyond the school walls.

The second article shared the innovative changes a social worker and EMS personnel are making to educate first responders on how to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities. This is outstanding and inspiring. The past few years working with autism, I have been surprised at how little fellow colleagues and friends know about this disability. While I do my best and I share all the information I can when asked, this article motivated me. It is this professional development that we need in education. With the increasing numbers of children with intellectual disabilities, it is vital that educators have an understanding of how to approach, include, and teach these children.

I am thankful for the individuals in these articles. It inspired me to get working on a similar project with the autistic student I work with in the final few weeks of school. The second article inspired me to start asking questions and suggesting developing a similar program for our city.

Feedly- thank you for again motivating me to be the change I want to see.


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